Studies that have used our ROC software

Some Papers appear more than once because they belong to multiple classifications



  • Metz CE, Herman BA, Roe CA. Statistical comparison of two ROC curve estimates obtained from partially-paired datasets. Med Decis Making 1998; 18:110-121.
    Comments:Uses ROCKIT to compare partially paired datasets.
  • Worling JR, Curwen T. Adolescent sexual offender recidivism: success of specialized treatment and implications for risk prediction. Child Abuse Negl 2000; 24:965-982.
    Comments:Uses ROCKIT to compare partially paired datasets.
  • Worling JR. The Estimate of Risk of Adolescent Sexual Offense Recidivism (ERASOR): preliminary psychometric data. Sex Abuse 2004; 16:235-254.
    Comments:Uses ROCKIT to compare partially paired datasets.
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  • Weijie Chen, Maryellen L. Giger, Ulrich Bick, and Gillian M. Newstead, “Automatic identification and classification of characteristic kinetic curves of breast lesions on DCE-MRI” Medical Physics 33:2878-2887 (2006)


  • Jiang Y, Nishikawa RM, Schmidt RA, Metz CE, Giger ML, Doi K. Improving breast cancer diagnosis with computer-aided diagnosis. Academic Radiology 6:22-33, 1999.
    Comments:Makes use of both LABMRMC and LABROC4
  • Shiraishi J, Abe H, Englemann R, Aoyama M, MacMahon H, Doi K: Computer-aided diagnosis for distinction between benign and malignant solitary pulmonary nodules in chest radiographs: ROC analysis of radiologists’ performance. Radiology (in press) 2003.
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  • Jiang Y, Nishikawa RM, Wolverton DE, Metz CE, Giger ML, Schmidt RA, Vyborny CJ, Doi K.: Malignant and benign clustered microcalcifications: automated feature analysis and classification. Radiology 198:671-678, 1996
    Comments:Uses partial areas (currently not available in ROCKIT)
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  • Huo Z, Giger ML, Vyborny CJ: Computerized analysis of multiple-mammographic views: potential usefulness of special view mammograms in computer-aided diagnosis. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 20: 1285-1292, 2001.
    Comments:Uses also CLABROC (now fully included in ROCKIT)
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    Comments:LABROC4 is currently easier to interface to Matlab than ROCKIT
  • Huo Z, Giger ML, Vyborny CJ, Metz CE: Effectiveness of CAD in the diagnosis of breast cancer: An observer study on an independent database of mammograms Radiology 224:560-568, 2002.
    Comments:Uses also CLABROC (now fully included in ROCKIT)
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    Comments:Uses both PROPROC and LABROC4
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